Positive impact – top mark in Maths class

Although my Son has only had a few sessions with Richard, he has already made a positive impact. I received a text from my son just this morning stating that he got the top mark in class for his last Maths test. Richard is very approachable and professional and most importantly my son enjoys the sessions.

Stephen H
Maths student

Improved grades

Richard has provided Maths tuition to our children. He is not only knowledgeable and skilled but has incredible patience. He is able to tailor information in such a way that meets individuals learning styles and as such achieved high levels of motivation and enthusiasm resulting in increased confidence and improved grade with our children. I could not recommend him highly enough.

Anne G
Maths student

A fine teacher

Whether you are a total beginner, or someone looking to advance and develop your playing and perhaps even performance, Richard has what you’re looking for. He has a way of seeing your strengths and building on them, drawing out the best in you. He is patient, fantastic at explaining things and very encouraging. His knowledge of theory leaves me dazzled, but in his clever way, he breaks it down so I can understand and even more important l use what he has taught me. Richard’s years of experience as a teacher brings something extra special to your lessons with him. Richard is a fine musician as well as a fine teacher which to me is a winning combination. If you’re looking for a guitar teacher who will take you to and then beyond what you can only dream about, Richard is your man!

Maggie G
guitar student

Easy to understand

Richard is very knowledgeable and can explain tricky concepts well. He has greatly helped my understanding of music theory which in turn has helped my playing. Having a guitar teacher who not only knows his stuff but is also able to (patiently) explain it in a easy to understand way is invaluable.

Jonathan H
guitar student

Good advice

Richard has a knack for giving friendly and really useful feedback on your playing. He knows what it’s like to be a beginner and manages to be unfailingly supportive while still identifying useful points for you to work on. Basically, he gives good advice that you want to take.

Laila H
guitar student

Thank you

Thank you for the support, guidance, tips and tricks you have provided me with in my journey in guitar and music. You are patient and have a unique way in teaching. I really do appreciate all the help during the past two years. I know where to go when I’m stuck.

guitar student

Exam confidence

Prior to his GCSE our son was becoming stressed re: the oncoming exams which affected his ability to focus. With Richard’s encouragement and tuition he entered the exam with confidence and the knowledge to achieve a high grade.

Mr & Mrs G

Immensely helpful

I took up guitar a little over two years ago and Richard has been immensely helpful to me by providing very insightful guidance and encouragement when it was most needed. I have thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience and am very grateful to Richard for his help on this splendid journey to becoming a proficient player.

Paraic O'
guitar student

Really good tutor

Really good tutor - my son is enjoying learning his maths. He is working hard.

Kate L
Maths student

Second to none

I was a beginner guitar student who took up the hobby much later in life. Richard is one of the best human resources available. His knowledge of guitar and music in general is second to none. I have benefitted tremendously from his extensive knowledge as he has offered up many valuable bits of knowledge to compliment my learning. Without this extra help, I feel I would not have progressed as quickly as I have.

Dave T
guitar student

Motivating … fun

Richard has been very very helpful in my guitar journey. Knowing the guitar and how to teach are important of course, and he has that, but even more important to me is the way he encourages you. He hears what you're playing and identifies the good things there, and points out what you've learned, and then suggests where to go to get to the next level. I find his feedback very motivating, and that's what you want, because above all you want learning guitar, and playing guitar, to be fun. And I'm having lots of fun!

Mari B
guitar student

Knowledgeable & helpful

Richard has been helping me run the justinguitar forum for many years and has proven himself to be a knowledgeable and helpful dude and has earned the respect of the whole community! I’m sure he’ll be a great teacher for people getting started on guitar!

Justin S
guitar teacher

Encouraging & helpful

Richard is very encouraging and helpful, always willing to offer advice to a beginner such as myself. He’s certainly helped me out since I began the guitar and his feedback has always been insightful and very welcome. He has a very broad knowledge of the guitar and is familiar with different styles, playing techniques and theory. He has also got a very good knowledge of equipment.

guitar student

Professional, approachable, punctual & organised

Richard started working with my son in June 2018 to help him to apply his learning in test situations, and to increase his confidence in the build up to his GCSE maths. We have seen results straight away and my son now feels far more comfortable tackling maths problems than he did previously. Richard is very professional, approachable, punctual and well organised and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him as a tutor.

Ruth W
Maths student

Definitely recommend

Richard is a kind and insightful guitar tutor. He sees your strengths as well as the areas that need attention, and gives advice that will help you improve thoughtfully and with compassion. I definitely recommend him!

Lynn P
guitar student

Great teacher

Richard is a GREAT teacher! I thought I’d never be able to pass my GCSE maths with a grade C but with Richard's help, I passed with a Grade B! Richard is so patient and knows exactly how to explain something to you in order for you to understand it. Thank you Richard!

Cameron N
Maths student


I've been learning to play the guitar for the last 4 or so years. There will always be times where you need some additional help or just plain need to ask some questions. Richard is one of those guys go to guys. Over the years I've hit many a hurdle that I needed to get over. New chords, rhythm patterns, scales you name it I've tripped on it and needed help. Richard has always been there - giving guidance, knowledgeable answers and insight based on experience and his understanding of the guitar, but most of all support and encouragement. I would not hesitate in recommending Richard as a guitar teacher. What more can I say?

Toby J
guitar student


Richard has played an invaluable part in helping me to learn and improve, to be able to play with greater confidence. He has the rare ability of being able to give feedback that is both encouraging and educational while also being constructive in highlighting mistakes and areas to improve. He has the gift of being able to tune his feedback to perfectly match my ability, providing guidance that is inspiring rather than overwhelming. I have no hesitation or reservation in recommending Richard.

David P
guitar student

Someone to rely upon

Richard has helped me on several occasions with playing and technical issues. There's no doubt he really knows his stuff. He's always ready to help and to provide answers or feedback. He's someone to rely upon when in doubt.

guitar student



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