TeesTutors Fees for Maths and Guitar Lessons

Fees for Maths Lessons

Fees for Guitar Lessons


Different fees apply depending on what tuition you require, whether you make a block booking of lessons and the student age. Please go to the respective home pages for information on fees for Math s Tuition and Guitar Lessons. (links below)

I base my prices on one-to-one tuition. If you wish to learn with a friend or family member I am happy to teach two students at one time. Arrangement and fees would be on an individual basis. Please ask if you have any queries.

I can teach online using the latest in smart technology and remote teaching software. I would connect to you using  video-chat software (Skype or Zoom) and give you a secure code so that I can share my computer screen which I use in a manner similar to an interactive whiteboard. You would need to have a computer or tablet with internet connection, camera, speakers and microphone. I am happy to demo this face-to-face first.

I can travel to you for lessons with a premium payable for time and travel. Please contact me if you would like to ask about this.


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Private tuition in Maths

Go to maths.teestutors Home page for more information on Maths lessons.




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Private tuition on Guitar

Go to guitar.teestutors for more information on Guitar lessons.




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